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There are what can only be described as zombies in Pasadena! I'm on the top floor of the KP Walnut Center building on Los Robles and Walnut, with a party of 23 other people, mostly co-workers. We've filled the stairs with enough debris that the creatures can't get up, and disabled the elevators. The top floor is very open and exposed, however, and if the creatures get past our blockade, we won't be able to hold them off for long.

There is a helipad for medical evacuations on the top of the building. Please, if anyone who gets this has access to a helicopter, we need an emergency evac ASAP. No wounded at the moment, but things seem to be changing on a minute-by-minute basis, and we've got at least two elderly people who say they've got heart problems.

[ profile] mysryael, you're not answering your phone at the moment, but do NOT come to Pasadena! It's not safe!


Jun. 13th, 2008 01:02 pm
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We've just received orders to evacuate; I guess they just couldn't get the alarms to shut off and TPTB probably couldn't stand it anymore. I'll try and post more once I get to a wi-fi station. But for now, love, I think it's time to come pick me up.
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So [ profile] mysryael and I thought we saw a falling star last night, but people at work today were talking about a comet. Anyone know exactly what it was?

Good luck

Jun. 13th, 2008 12:56 am
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As <lj user="mysryael" already said, we saw a shooting star tonight, which looks to have landed just north of here. Though today's Friday the 13th, I think the shooting star is a portent of good luck. May everyone's Friday the 13th be blissfully free of ill fortune. As for me? I'm heading up to Bakersfield by the end of the day, and then on to Morro Bay for a week of rest and relaxation.
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I lost the truck just before San Dimas when I turned off Arrow Highway to avoid a mob of them and ran into an overturned semi. I was able to salvage my greatsword and harness, my longsword, the handguns, some rope from the back of the truck, my emergency rations bag (thank you, corporate-sponsored emergency survival trade show!) and a staff; it was going to be a long walk.

I kept mainly to the rail lines, avoiding abandoned commuter cars (having seen what came out of the Gold line earlier) and walking generally eastward. [ profile] mysryael's apartment is close to the line, and I knew that if I followed it I would get there.

What I didn't count on was finding a nest of about eight of them. They seemed to have been commuters once; nearly all of them were in business wear. They were amassing a pile of flesh for what I can only assume was later consumption. My aventail made too much noise, and they heard me before I could get out of sight. I was able to kill most of them by shots to the head. Two overtook me, and I was forced to fight in close quarters. Thank god for thick leather arm protection (and thanks [ profile] vsct_caius for giving me said arm protection) as well as the close-faced helm. Their attacks were mostly swiping and biting. The swiping wasn't that big a deal; it's not like they had razor-sharp talons or anything. They're undead humans, but they're still just humans. Biting, however, was another matter. Though they seemed to be storing food intelligently, they didn't seem to understand that attacking a helmed head wouldn't do any good. I dispatched them both with the longsword.

I arrived at [ profile] mysryael's apartment about 20 minutes ago. I climbed up the back window with the help of her and her daughters. The area is deserted, even of shamblers. We think most in the area bugged out before the problem got to be too large, and the shamblers made their way to Los Angeles, for a larger supply of food.

Like [ profile] aliskye I'm going to go radio-silent for a while. I'm relocating with the girls soon. The area's safe for now, but when Los Angeles is clear of the living, the shamblers will head out, eating everything in their wake. Good luck, and may God bless and keep the fortunate who have survived thus far.
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I haven't heard anything from him since he got covered in goo. I'm worried about him. Also anyone who hasn't, please check in.
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So I didn't go to lunch, and I'm sure as hell not going to the med clinic. From what I can see here, it looks like it's on fire anyway. Most of the people who came into work have fled the building, and the rest are frantically trying to get ahold of loved ones. Shamblers (using [ profile] sasha_khan's terminology: why, oh why didn't I read my friend's list before I went to work today?) have swarmed the first floor of the building, and are slowly climbing. If anyone can read this, I'm on the third floor of Walnut Center, in the server room. I hope the noise of the machines will mask my own, and the security doors will hold. Thank God for generators; the power should stay on if the grid collapses.

I was talking to [ profile] mysryael when she suddenly went offline. Sweetie, if you can read this, please check in. I'm worried about you.
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There were a lot of people missing from work today. I wonder if they've caught this virus people are talking about. Must be spreading pretty badly; those of us who are here have been asked to report to Pasadena Medical Offices on Lake. Not sure what good I can do there; they'll most likely have me doing intake paperwork for people. I'll probably head over after lunch.


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